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Team D3 is a UK Drift Team competing in various UK events with their main focus on the British Drift Championship. www.thebritishdriftchampionship.com.

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The team is currently made up of two drivers; John Glaister and Sam Holt, both competing in the professional class in the British Drift Championship.

The aim of the team is to entertain, amaze, and impress. Hopefully, along the way to get results and podiums in competitions.

Both drivers have a good history in drifting, Sam Holt and John Glaister have both been drifting for seven years.

The vehicles used for drifting by the drivers are both Japanese Nissans, with John favouring the Nissan 200SX PS13, and Sam Holt using the Nissan 200SX S14a.

Drifting is a judged sport in which cars are judged on their speed, style, angle and agression as they navigate around a course set out emulate fast flowing corners.

2012 British Drift Championship Dates

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